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Interior Design Maintenance

What it is

We believe that high quality interior design should evolve and develop with your business. It is our job to constantly ask questions and seek to improve.

Interior Design Maintenance is a unique service that ensures your high aesthetic and operational standards are sustained or even enhanced.

Our experienced designers have a keen eye for detail and will work with your own teams to make sure your asset is kept in the best condition.

How it works

An initial site visit and discussion with management helps us to estimate the amount of time required for a full inspection.

This includes analysing the condition of finishes, furniture, lighting, electrics, sanitaryware and equipment.

A follow up report is issued highlighting areas which require immediate, short term or long term attention.

Continual progress assessments are made to determine whether the frequency of visits should be revised.

The benefits

  1. Proactively maintain your assets to avoid greater repair and refurbishment costs in future
  2. Constantly improve and develop, adjusting along with your business plan
  3. Ensure you are conforming to current regulations and ethical guidelines
  4. Highlight potential future development and improvement
  5. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the working environment for your staff
  6. Potentially increase profits
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