Architectural interior designers creating tailored spaces for hospitality, retail and leisure businesses with a specialism in heritage buildings. 

We reshape, redesign and refine buildings in a way that is beautiful, practical and sustainable.

129 Zellig
Custard Factory
B9 4AT

0121 663 1313

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Monday – Thursday
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The broad brush strokes help to define the project and understand the feasibility. The general approach and key aims as important as the finer details.


Fleshing out of the concept and key ideas, moving into a more thorough definition of the whole project.


The finishing touches, not only the visible ones but the practical elements that bring efficiency and pleasure to a customer’s experience.

Ash Wilson
Creative Director

Ash is the founder and creative director of Sculpt. He has a keen interest in innovative use of materials and technology to create more sustainable projects.

He is a part time lecturer having taught at both Birmingham City University and Leeds Beckett University.