Architectural interior designers creating experiential spaces in which to work and unwind. 

We work closely with clients to reshape, redesign and refine their space in a way that is beautiful, sustainable and practical.

129 Zellig
Custard Factory
B9 4AT

0121 663 1313

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Opening hours:
Monday – Thursday
0900 – 1700

We sculpt amazing experiential spaces that work for you, your building and your budget. We approach every project thinking ‘how can we make this beautiful as well as functional?’  

Although aesthetics are important – we design things to make your life easier, more efficient and more sustainable.

We believe even the most practical of projects will benefit from a little touch of theatre and we aim to create spaces that delight you as well as being incredibly practical.

We know our stuff, we have the best software and tools to deliver and we’ll give you a solution that works, first and foremost, but is also a pleasure to behold.

“Quite simply our project would not have happened without Sculpt. We had a great concept, we had a funder, but the turnaround time was against us. Nevertheless, Sculpt managed to pull the detail together quickly and this is without a doubt down to the relationships they have built and respect he has among the contractors and suppliers they work with.

Sarah Hayes – Coffin Works


We believe design can have a push effect, so we are guided by an environmentally responsible approach in everything we do. We favour smart and sustainable materials in all our builds while limiting the amount of impact our office and staff has on the planet. We use public transport for longer journeys and an electric car for shorter distances.

We are an equal opportunity company. This extends beyond our employment policy but also our decisions when appointing contractors, artists, craftspeople and consultants.

We also offer pro-bono advice and discounted rates for registered charities, and we donate 1% of our revenue to St Anne’s Hostel here in Digbeth. For more information on their work for homeless men, please visit:

“Sculpt are always a pleasure to work with. They respond with a blend of creativity and practical advice, and always think about future-proofing, problem solving, and flexibility for the end user. From concept through to end result everything is incredibly well presented, clearly communicated, and professionally produced.”

Chris Maher – Roundhouse Birmingham