Sculpt is an interior & architectural design studio based in Birmingham, the city of innovation. Our process is rooted in artistic development, turning to traditional crafts and fabrication techniques alongside high-tech processes to redesign spaces.

We develop ideas in our workshop, giving us a deeper understanding of materials and how they can be used. Through testing and prototyping designs, our clients gain an unrivalled connection with the process. The network of local creative collaborators we have established close relationships with helps us to develop our ideas further and expands our skill base.

221 Scott House
Custard Factory
B9 4AA

0121 663 1313

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Opening hours:
Monday – Thursday
0900 – 1700



Full measured surveys and site relevant research gives us an in depth understanding of what we are working with.

Feasibility & Brief

Defining the brief and distilling the key requirements of the client and the project. Feasibility studies may help with this process and define what will be possible.

Concept Development

Defining a concept helps the whole team to understand the creative approach, further varied research helps to inspire the conceptual scheme.

Prototyping and Testing

To be truly confident in an innovative design it needs to be sampled and tested. We have workshop where we can produce mockups or even small sections of our designs for approval.

Construction Information

All manner of construction drawings, details, specifications and schedules help to translate the finished design into buildable information.


Choosing the right contractor is vital to the success of the project, we consider cost, availability, skills and attitude to help the client make the best decisions.

Additional Consultants

The wider design team may consist of multiple teams of specialists, we instruct and brief the wider team and coordinate the information they produce whilst consistently referring to the original brief.

Site Attendance

Once a project is on site, we can be there to assist with the project as it develops. This might just be ensuring the programme doesn’t slip and responding to simple RFIs, it could also mean quickly reacting to site conditions or unforeseen circumstances.

Statutory Approvals

We can manage and fulfill all of the complex contract administration, statutory approvals, planning applications, building control and CDM Principal Designer duties.

“Sculpt have always offered the harmonious delivery between creativity and diligence amongst their design and project services which is so prudent in combatting the sometimes complex design and build process. The skills Sculpt have exemplified on the many projects we have worked together on is the reason we continue to always recommend them as our preferred design partner.”

Haydon Finch


We believe design can have a push effect, so we are guided by an environmentally responsible approach in everything we do. We favour smart and sustainable materials in all our builds while limiting the amount of impact our office and staff has on the planet. We use public transport for longer journeys and an electric car for shorter distances.

We are an equal opportunity company. This extends beyond our employment policy but also our decisions when appointing contractors, artists, craftspeople and consultants.

We also offer pro-bono advice and discounted rates for registered charities, and we donate 1% of our revenue to St Anne’s Hostel here in Digbeth. For more information on their work for homeless men, please visit:

We have thoroughly appreciated the way in which Sculpt Design has worked with us. Listening to our needs, coming up with imaginative designs, taking care to limit costs yet still giving us a beautiful space, while also working to a tight deadline. It has been a pleasure to work with them.

Hall Green Baptist Church