Roundhouse Furniture
Echoing the history of the roundhouse to create flexible and dramatic furniture pieces.
  • Grade II Listed building
  • Bespoke furniture design
  • Management of fabrication
  • Working with local SME fabricator

Reflecting on the lamplighters who were once based in the building, we wanted to abstract the architecture and create a glowing beacon for visitors.

The concept took the existing Roundhouse logo which was already a representation of the plan of the building, fragmenting it into a twelve sided ring which gave the final component form.

The key feature for the reception desk was illuminated panels to the front which match Roundhouse’s distinctive branding. This not only provides a key directional cue, suggesting to visitors that this is the starting point of their journey through the building, but at night the warm glow would emit through the new oriel window.

The trapezoidal shape allowed the individual components of the desk and stools to be rearranged, offering flexibility of the layout for multiple events. The stools could even be separated into individual elements for a possible talk or presentation event.

The form also reflects on the glass panels of the old gas lamps which were a key source of inspiration, and a historic link to the building.

Photography by Tom Bird