Birmingham Design Festival
Feature elements and an interactive installation
  • Birmingham Design Festival 2019
  • An annual celebration of the rich design industry of the Midlands
  • Creation of stage decoration for live events at prestigious venues
  • Adaptable podium shrouds
  • Large scale anchors
  • Smaller decoration pieces

Beginning in 2018, Birmingham Design Festival is one of UK’s fastest-growing industry events for arts, design, architecture and technology, welcoming global speakers and almost 7,000 guests to the Midlands.

Besides assisting in the general organisation, we have also been involved in the activation of the brand live events through the design and fabrication of stage decorations.

Through our membership at STEAMhouse, we were able to develop, prototype and test our ideas using high-tech machining equipment before fabricating the final pieces and finishing by hand.

The pieces had to be robust to allow for transportation around the city, and to reduce waste and save costs we had a limited number of the pieces which would be moved to different venues as and when they were needed.

Confession was an interactive installation created for the 2019 Birmingham Design Festival and was exhibited at STEAMhouse, the collaborative innovation lab where it was developed. The key purpose was to demonstrate Dispa®, an innovative corrugated board developed by 3A Composites which is made entirely out of paper and is completely biodegradable.