Compton Verney Restaurant
Upgrade and refresh of the cafe within a prestigious Art Gallery
  • Grade I listed building
  • Full design and specification
  • Detailed lighting features
  • Furniture sourcing

Compton Verney Art Gallery is set amongst 120 acres of parkland in rural Warwickshire. Having already undertaken some minor upgrades to the cafe and were looking to harmonise and modernise the space in line with their extended restaurant offering.

The new design aimed to increase dwell time, tackle some of the acoustic issues and provide adaptable graphics bringing the collection into the dining area.

“We continue to receive positive feedback both from new and returning customers. A feature piece on the main walls are the nine light boxes displaying high resolution images of important items from our collections. They really catch your eye every time entering the space.”

Matt Horsfield – Operations & Facilities Manager

The servery counter front was replaced with a new tiles replacing the damaged timber cladding. The tiles add a freshness to the aesthetic and will offer a much longer lasting finish which is also easier to clean and maintain.

The reconfigured layout helps to manage the flow of people and access to the adjacent galleries, whilst clearly marking the survey area.

Photography by Tom Bird.